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Game overview

  • Story-based war drama with tactical squad combat.
  • Survive for 12 days to complete the mission or escape.
  • Branching story, missions and text events.
  • You control the individual soldier.
  • Levels takes place in small condensed areas, where each turn of corner can prove deadly.
  • All soldiers have unique traits, that affect their reactions and behaviors. Use each wisely!
  • Missions are hard but short – pay Composure to replay. Soldier deaths are permanent.
  • Soldiers will start going crazy and desert, when composure gets low.
  • If you run out of soldiers, you lose the game. 


  • Select missions on the war map depending on risks and rewards.
  • Experience the mission story.
  • Customize squad composition and soldier equipment.
  • Play missions while minimizing casualties and retrieving secondary objectives.
  • Complete missions, see ratings and story outcome.
  • Select and acquire equipment depending on mission rating.
  • See missions amongst the ones available on the campaign map.
  • Experience events between missions.
  • Manage resources and avoid game over.
  • Experience one of the several endings.

Core gameplay inside levels

  • Overview the battlezone.
  • Spot for possible or obvious enemy locations and dangerous bottlenecks.
  • Set up move paths and actions for troops utilizing.
  • Stress enemies with suppressive fire.
  • Use Powers and special weapons.
  • Use different movement modes.
  • Unpause game and watch your plans play out.
  • Plan next turn.

Gameplay outside combat

  • Choose next mission (story vs. cost vs. rewards).
  • Choose squad composition.
  • Customize the equipment of each soldier.
  • Customize traits and abilities of each soldier.
  • Get loot for mission completion – better performance yields better rewards.
  • Buy weapons and equipment from the traveling vendor.
  • Be rewarded/punished by variable outcomes of story events.


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