In november 2018 Portaplay jumped onboard a plane and went across the Atlantic to visit the game conference DreamHack Atlanta in Georgia, USA.

Dreamhack is one of the biggest E-sports tournaments in the world, and they even have a section in the conference halls, where indie developers can show their games. So naturally Portaplay sent a Broken Lines scout to show our demo to the many thousands of gamers.

A lot of happy gamers went by our booth and gave their thumbs up to Broken Lines and signed up for our upcoming closed beta.

Behind closed doors we made a presentation and demonstration of the game for a number of judges working within the game industry. The judges were given the opportunity to play our game, and we are happy to announce that we won the award for best strategy sim. We also participated in the Indie Pitch Showcase, where we proudly won the qualifier rounds and went to the finals. We then demoed our game on the indie main stage for an enthusiastic audience.

Here are some pictures showing Portaplay lead designer Jakob Hansson at the Broken Lines booth together with some cosplaying gamers as well as on the indie stage.

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union