Broken Lines is a story-driven tactical RPG about a small and disorganized squad who are stranded behind enemy lines during WWII.

Immerse yourself in a unique and very personal story experienced through the eyes of eight distinct soldiers.


  • "Every now and then I run across a game that immediately intrigues me, even though I don't know much about it. Broken Lines is one such game."

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  • "Travel back to an alternate World War II in Broken Lines, a tactical RPG coming to Switch next year."

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  • "If Broken Lines succeeds in portraying war even half as well as This War of Mine has, players will be in for a real treat. Broken Lines looks like a promising title."

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  • "Broken Lines merges Xcom, Banner Saga, and Frozen Synapse. The tactical WW2 RPG game merges a lot of ideas into a "story-driven, tactical game."

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  • “I was lucky enough to try this original tactical turn-based game set in Eastern Europe during World War II, full of style, roguelike elements and a compelling story.”

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  • “Between its decision-led story and the clever way of managing tactical decisions, Broken Lines definitely remains one to watch for fans of the squad strategy genre.”

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Broken news
  • 7 February 2020
    Broken Lines – Metal Music Special

    We have a special announcement for fans of Broken Lines! The Metal band Asuryan has been following Broken Lines and decided to create an awesome fan tribute song of the game!


  • 31 January 2020
    Broken Lines – Looking at the SMG

    It’s time to introduce the SMGs that you can find in Broken Lines. If you need to suppress the enemy, these are the weapons for you. In Broken Lines, SMGs are typically characterized by a high rate of fire and a large ammo capacity.


  • 24 January 2020
    Izkor – The Friendly Local

    Early on in your campaign, you will rescue Izkor, a very interesting elderly local that decides to help the squad. What does he bring to the table? Well, he has special contacts that give him access to some more exotic weaponry!


  • 17 January 2020
    Mastering the Game!

    Supplies are an important resource in Broken Lines as every day you spend 1 supply per solider to keep them fed and happy. If you do not have enough for the entire team (say you are missing one) an unfortunate event will happen.


  • 4 January 2020
    Happy New Year

    2020 is here, so we’d like to wish everyone out there a Happy New year. 2020 will be a big year for us as we’ll be releasing Broken Lines early this year, so we already have a lot to look forward to!


  • 28 December 2019
    Looking at the Game

    One feature that we’ve added to the game that you will need to watch out for is friendly fire. If an enemy is in range, and your troops are positioned poorly, your own soldier may accidentally fire on a squadmate.


  • 20 December 2019
    Inspiring the Developers

    Did you know that many of the in-game models (such as the houses) are all inspired by real-world buildings?


  • 13 December 2019
    Sketching and Developing Fry

    An important part of creating characters in a game is getting the initial sketches to look right, after all, they will form the basis of what the in-game model should look like.


  • 6 December 2019
    Game Physics and Let’s Plays

    If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed that quite a few of the bugs that we’ve been sharing seem to be related to the game’s physics.


military drama
A dramatic saga about ordinary soldiers in a life-changing situation torn between their beliefs, duty and desire to survive at any cost.
Tactical RPG
Plan the moves and actions of each squad member, then simultaneously execute them all in real time. Use the traits and abilities of each soldier wisely to outwit the enemy, and make it through another day in hell.
intense missions
Take part in skirmishes in the heart of enemy territory. A sharp tactical mind will be needed to successfully complete these compact yet intense missions. Be careful - your tactical mistakes might hurt the morale of your soldiers, and they may desert the squad!
Raymond “Ray” Avery
Glasgow, Scotland

A hot-headed Scotsman, Avery keeps a sarcastic distance to everything related to the war. Avery is a quick decision maker, but poor at dealing with the consequences.

Combat style: Will charge while yelling, with his finger dancing on the trigger, doing his best to scare the enemy.

Rosie Conner
Southampton, England

Conner is considered the most eccentric member of the team and carefully guards her private life. She works best when alone and tends to isolate herself from the rest of the team, only ever getting close to the team’s female doctor.

Combat style: She prefers to stay back and provide covering fire for the team.

Ernest Fry
Oxford, England

The youngest in the squad and an educated combat medic, Fry has high ideals and the squad often perceives him as self-righteous — and they’re not far off.

Combat style: Will play it safe and not take any risks.

Brenda Hailey
Belfast, N.Ireland

Formerly a field medic, Hailey was handed a gun at the front one dire day and asked to fight, since then, she never looked back. She bullies green recruits like Fry to keep her mind busy.

Combat style: Will use her experience, quick reflexes, and drugs to survive.

Andrew King
Birmingham, England

A big, intimidating man from a family with a strong tradition of military service, King has the talent to manipulating people. For him, morality is a grey zone meant to be challenged.

Combat style: King is obsessed with succeeding at everything and prefers to go into battle slowly with heavy firepower.

Steve Sherman
London, England

Sherman became a radio operator due to his talents and interests in electronics. He tries to avoid unnecessary violence and has a strong sense of justice.

Combat Style: Will try to spare as many lives possible — on both sides.

William “Bill” Morgan
Manchester, England

An iron-willed veteran with solid experience in leadership and combat. His best days are behind him, but he’s too stubborn to show any weakness.

Combat style: Bill approaches all tasks in an orderly fashion, firing calmly with calculated precision.

Elliot Wood
Brighton, England

A charming young recruit with a disarming smile, Wood’s lean frame makes him the squad’s fastest runner.

Combat style: Will use speed to avoid direct conflict, and is ever the optimist.

Experience a character-driven story about a group of soldiers separated from their loved ones, and stranded in a foreign land.
Their destiny is in your hands — can you guide them back home?